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What our Clients think of us.

We were referred to Steve Cooper from Cooperbuilderswa and how lucky we were with that referral.

Charl & Lea Van Rensburg Darlington

Steve managed the nine-month-long project from advising, designing, to implementing the build, from recommendations for suppliers and quality subcontractors; to weekly meetings, frequent electronic correspondence and cleanups.

Steve and his team project managed every aspect of our extensive renovation, with professionalism and a keen eye for detail, that delivered a quality home to the highest of Australian Standard.

We can highly recommend Steve and the Cooperbuilderswa Building Company, for their honest and professional work ethic, together with the quality and timely service.

Charl & Lea Van Rensburg Darlington

How we can help you

As a local Home Builder & Remodeller, creating and re-creating homes is our speciality, old and new, we design and build well crafted, thought out designs to create visionary solutions with a distinctive style, for local families and individuals.

Looking for creative solutions and practical designs to take you to the next level of living in the Perth hills

Not only do we get told by our clients, but I believe I can find the best solution for you, with ideas and building know-how to achieve the best results for you.   

5 Compelling tips
To get you started on your home remodelling project.


Always choose your home builder before you choose your design?

As not all home builders are equal, and not all designers can design!

Selecting a home builder with valuable construction knowledge and home design expertise may not prove easy.
But it will provide you with the opportunity to find the right construction solutions and design alternatives.
To build an affordable and desirable home.

Planning out your new home design. Keep your feet on the ground.

The excitement of home renovating tends to add more ideas than you anticipated; sometimes causing the design to exceed the expectations of the budget.

Engaging the services of a good Homebuilder & Remodeller, with the ability to balance your budget during the design stage, will keep you on track, to save you time, money, and frustration



Get the design right, and you are on the way.

To build a successful home renovation.

The design can also be the least recognised part of the process.

By having your trust, in the ability of the builder’s experience, to unearth the possibilities, will vastly improve the design, and transform your living space. 

How to see the bigger picture

Set the lead, keep an open mind, then let your builder find their solution for you.

A good builder can shake endless ideas from their sleeve, to remodel an old and outdated layout, with many more solutions, to take you on a journey.

With exciting outcomes and solutions to exceed your expectations.



Staying calm during the construction period.

Especially after the honeymoon period is over, and half the house has gone missing in action.

By having the right builder, with a helpful disposition, the ability to understand your concerns and reassure you throughout the process.

Will make for a great building experience, and also eliminate the likely hood, of any major blowouts along the way. 

Home Builder & Remodeller Services

Meet the Coopers

They're local, friendly and very helpful.

Steve Cooper | Builder & Designer

Home Builder & Remodeller

Sharon Cooper | Business Manager

How we can help you .

Are your living arrangements getting you frustrated? 

There’s not enough space to swing a cat, and the rooms have to start to close in on you.

Or maybe it is just outdated, and the home has gone past its sell-by date.

Don’t waste time thinking about how to solve the problem.

Call Steve at Cooperbuilderswa.



With extensive experience, as a Home Builder & Remodeller.

Steve and his team will create, design and build, exceptional solutions for your next home remodelling project.

Making better use of your existing layout, to become both efficient in use, visually appealing. Then bringing the design together, to create balance, and flow, to your home living space.

With our vision for design and passion for building, our point of difference will be your key for a successful home remodelling project.


Designed to make better use of your space and enviroment.

By scheduling an appointment, with myself, you will be able to see the perspective and possibilities from an experienced and professional builder to find the right solutions for your home remodelling project.


Drop into our office and see what we do.
We’re located adjacent to the
John Forrest National Park, Hovea, inside the Mundaring Shireor call me anytime to arrange a consultation.

Steve Cooper


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