Remarkable Home Extensions

Adding new and creative solutions to redefine your living space
With clever ideas, adding, character and value.

Remarkable Home Extensions

Home Extensions

We Just dont build average Home Extensions.

We build great extensions for better people.

We’re here to put our best foot forward, excel ourselves and be challenged, to help you to achieve the right solutions to fit, both you and your home, 

At Cooperbuilderswa, creating the design and building the solutions comes naturally for us, which is one reason which sets our service apart from other traditional builders and designers.

We happen to design it better! And build it to be functional, giving you and your home a better outcome, both, before, during and after your home building experience is finished.

We think so, and our clients think so too.

From building single-storey additions to double-storey inserts, traditional design to modern, our design will complement your existing home, to blend in with your surroundings. 

Creating exceptional home extension, fit for purpose and a guarantee to safeguard and secure, a successful home building experience…

And it’s not only because we want to work with great clients, but we want to make it a memorable experience for you, as well as us.

Contact us anytime to discuss your project and how we can meet your requirement.
We are only around the corner in Hovea adjacent to the John Forrest National Park or arrange an online booking to meet up at your choice of venue.

Home Extensions